North Hertfordshire Ramblers

Where we do all the talking and our feet do all the walking!

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Create your own walking routes

You can create your own walking route on the map below and a whole lot of other things.Map 1

The Heartwood Forest walk here is an example. 

With existing routes

  • upload a route using a .gpx file
  • edit the route
  • see the elevation profile
  • see the distance and time to complete the route
  • simplify the route (reduce number of points)
  • reverse the route 
  • save and download to your computer as .gpx

With new routes

  • create a new route
  • see the distance and time to complete the route 
  • edit the route
  • delete points in the route
  • reverse the route
  • save and download to your computer as .gpx 


  • when the file downloads it can be found usually in your Downloads folder
  • The file name appears as gpx (but with no .gpx extension)
  • Rename the file and add a .gpx extension eg from gpx rename it mytrack.gpx

Other clever things

  • use right click to view postcodes in the area
  • use alt-right click to view Ramblers meeting and starting places

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Maps Icons Collection

Route Plot Icons

Click on the icons on the right of the map.

Select which map you want to use.

Map options 1

 Click the route icon to start plotting your route.

Route plot 1

Finish editing your route and save.

Edit 1

You can reduce the points of your route or reverse its direction.

Reduce points 1

Download your route to your computer or upload a .gpx track you already have to edit.

Map 2

To remove the 'stars' expand the maps icon and untick the places

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