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Walk Leading Help

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Walk Leading Help

With North Herts we encourage our members to lead walks and we offer them help along the way.

Navigation and Walk Leader Course

You can attend our popular NHRG Navigation and Walk Leader Course so you can polish off your compass and map reading skills. After the course you will be competent to lead one of our walks if you wish to put your newly acquired skills into practice. Dates and times to be arranged to suit the group. Some comments from Sarah and Jan...

Navigation Course Presentation - View the presentation

Walk Leader Course Presentation - View the presentation

Help with planning and leading your first walk

Having been through the course we can help with planning your first walk, recee it together with an experienced leader who will also come to first walk that you will lead. All this to make everyone feel comfortable and less stressed. You will get a certificate after your first walk too!

GPS Awareness Course

Are you are interested in finding out what you can do with your GPS that is gathering dust in your drawer? Take a step up and come to the GPS course. You will learn how to use your computer to plan your walk, download tracks, get free maps from the internet and much more. Dates will be arranged to suit all.

GPS Awareness Course - View presentation here

Help with providing another leader if you cannot make the day of your walk

We understand that a lot can happen from publishing the programme to the time your walk will take place. Our walk programmes span 3 months ahead. Family obligations come first. But don't let uncertainty put you off offering to lead a walk. We have a number of very experienced leaders that can lead your walk if you find difficulties near your proposed date. All we need is a copy of your map marked up with your route ahead of the day.

Interested? Contact Leon Fotiadis - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Navigation Course

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Walk Leader Course

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GPS Course

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